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add to favorites Galvanized Steel Coil GI Steel in Roll for All of the World!  
Customized size hot dip galvanized steel coil are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any demand.
add to favorites High Quality Manufacturer Exporter PPGI Prime Over Rolled Steel Coil!  
High quality steel coil are our main products. We are dedicated to provide you the best service about the products.
add to favorites Special Factory For Europe Ceiling Channel System!  
Europe Ceiling Channel System is one kinds of ceiling sytem in Our Factory,Including the CD, UD And so on, If You Need the samples, Please feel free To contact with me, You are always welcome!
add to favorites The Best Price of Ceiling Channel For Middle East!  
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As one of Biggest Galvanize Steel Profiles Factory In China, We can produce all kinds of ceiling channel for middle east, of Course, The free sample is ok, Feel free to contact us! You are welcome!
add to favorites Ceiling Channel With The Best Quality For Southeast Asia!  
We are the professional supplier of industry chain solutions including designing, manufacturing and installing of the ceiling channel for southeast asia and drywall partition system. Free sample for ok, Feel free to contact us!
add to favorites Ceiling Channel,Ceiling Channel System For All Of The World!  
Our Factory Could Produce All Of Kinds Of Ceiling Channel System, Such as the Ceiling Channel System For Southeast Asia, The Ceiling Channel System For Middle East and so on.
add to favorites Professional Factory For Steel Profiles,Galvanized Steel Channel!  
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As a Professional Manufacturer of Galvanized Steel Profiles, Including The Ceiling Channel System and Drywall Partition System, Free Sample is ok, Welcome to contact with us.
add to favorites One Tip About Cutting Studs and Track  
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If you need to cut metal tracks and metal studs, you can finish 20 and 25 gauge drywall metal easily with snips. Some people like to snip the flanges, score the web with a utility knife, and "wing" the track back and forth until it separates. This gives you a nice straight edge but is time-consuming. My preferred method is to cut both flanges, bend the web, then cut a slightly arcing "smiley face" from point to point. This is efficient, but it can produce a good deal of hand fatigue on a job with a lot of cutting. On larger jobs, if you use a chop saw, understand the dangers of burning the galvanizing off the metal. Have adequate ventilation. The concentrated vapors can and will kill you. Also, use every precaution when operating a chop saw: have guards in place, secure the stock, wear eye protection, and stand out of the way of the blade rotation.
add to favorites Five Grades of Zinc  
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When the steel enters the kettle at 840 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, zinc-iron alloy layers start to form. This portion normally represents about 50 to 70 percent of the total coating thickness, with the zinc being the top layer. Directly coming out of the kettle, all galvanize steel track profiles are extremely bright, despite the coating appearance. Five grades of zinc for continuous hot-dip galvanizing: 1. London Metal Exchange (LME) Grade- contains a minimum of 99.995% zinc 2. Special High Grade (SHG)- high purity of zinc containing a minimum of 99.990% of zinc 3. High Grade (HG)- contains a minimum of 99.95% zinc 4. Intermediate Grade (IG)- contains a minimum of 99.5%zinc 5. Prime Western Grade (PWG)- contains 0.5 to 1.4% lead, and a minimum of 98.5% zinc
add to favorites Benefits of Metal Studs - Lower Construction Costs  
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There are some nuances to this area. Steel framing can cost three to 15 percent more than wood studs, based on Steel Framing Alliance calculations, but metal studs offer cost advantages in other areas that can offset this metal stud partition prices difference. Warranty callbacks are minimized because steel does not shrink, split or warp. As a result, there are no nail pops or drywall cracks to fix after the structure is completed. Consistent quality means that scrap is drastically reduced (two percent for steel versus 20 percent for wood), which also reduces costs for hauling off and disposing of discarded material. You also may enjoy significant discounts on risk insurance for steel framed structures.
add to favorites Install Kitchen Cabinets to Metal Studs  
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Unlike wooden studs, metal studs sizes are not the best material to hang anything from, let alone cabinets! The first time most people see a steel stud they are amazed at how flimsy and seemingly weak they are. And they are! That is, until they are part of a completed wall. The weaknesses of the stud, mostly related to twisting and bending, are eliminated when attached together and then to drywall to make a complete wall. Use the following tip to help you. In a kitchen, wood or plywood strips are often installed between the metal studs to give a strong nailing/screwing surface to attach the cabinets to. Some contractors install additional metal cross pieces between the studs instead of wood to allow for this additional screwing surface. If you are dealing with old work, though, you have to first try to determine if there are any "nailers". You can use a magnetic or electronic stud finder to look for horizontal nailers. There are special self-tapping screws that are used with steel studs that are available at most hardware stores and lumberyards. An air or electric powered screwgun or an electric drill with a screwdriver bit must be used.
add to favorites Drywall Screws Fastening  
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Drywall screws are the most common fastener used to install drywall. There are basically two types of screws used for drywall, coarse thread and fine thread drywall screws. Fine thread drywall screws are made specifically for use with galvanize steel stud profiles. Fine thread screws can be used when installing drywall on wood studs. However, coarse thread screws are better suited for wood stud framing. Coarse thread screws drive into wood slightly faster than fine-thread and bite stronger in the wood below. Coarse thread drywall screws should never be used with steel stud framing. Self-tapping fine-thread drywall screws are useful for installing drywall on steel stud framing, particularly when installing drywall over heavy gauge steel studs. The second main consideration with drywall screws is the length. Drywall screws come in a variety of lengths. The most commonly used length is 1-¼ and 1-⅝ inch long drywall screws. The shorter the screw, the easier it is to install. Long screws have a tendency to lean over so you have to be extremely careful to keep them strait when pushing them in with the screw-gun. Even the slightest pressure off-center will tip them over. When installing either ½ or ⅝ inch drywall, 1-¼ inch drywall screws are the length of choice. Double layer drywall requires longer screws, usually at least 1-⅝ or even 2 inch drywall screws. When choosing screw length it is best to go with the shortest possible length that allows the shank to sink at least ½ inches into the stud below.
add to favorites How to Install Drywall on Metal Stud Walls? $ 0.00
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Before looking at how to install drywall, drywall is an interior wall sheathing material mostly used in construction of residential and commercial buildings. The improvement brought by metal drywall studs is the use of special drywall screws. Learning how to install drywall is not difficult, but doing it well takes time and practice. Step 1: Preparations Take measurements of the area to be covered and purchase enough drywall for the job. Learning how to install drywall includes learning to snap a sheet in a clean line. Use a knife to cut the drywall into pieces and to make a line on just one side of the sheet. Put your knee on the sheet’s opposite side having the cut, push outward as you pull the sheet towards you. To cut accurate pieces, use a ruler. Use a saw to cut any irregular openings, like arches. Now, place a sheet against the pipe and then tap lightly using a flat wood block to make a dimple on the back. Hold the sheet and use the knife to cut an accurate hole. Before using metal studs, make sure that they are 16 inches or 24 inches centers and you can tell by putting tape along the floor. Making sure that the studs are exposed, mark the centerline of each stud using a pencil and then measure. To countersink each screw to the same depth, use a drywall sheet screw dimpler that is loaded with a spring. This is before you ratchet any screw bit. Step 2: Fixing the drywall Install screws at the approximate 8 inches centers only to vertical studs. It is advisable that you install screws closer to edges that are to be trimmed in order to have screw tops covered by the trim of the door frame or baseboard. Apply enough mud to every seam with the help of the knife. Step 3: Applying tape Cut the drywall tape and lightly dampen it with water. Perforated or fiber tape must not be used as they do not produce good work. Apply tape over the joints where you have applied mud and eliminate any bubbles. This can be ensured by a smooth motion using the knife starting from one end and pulling towards the other. For neat work, have a clean knife for every swipe. This process will get easier as you learn how to install drywall. Repeat this for every joint. Step 4: Drying Allow the joints to dry thoroughly for a day between each mud coat unless you use mud (hot) that dries fast. Pink mud is the best, as it easily shows that it has dried, ready for the next coat. The best tool for corners is the corner tool. After the last coat has dried, use a pole sander and drywall sand paper to smooth the joints. When mud is dry it sands off fast so do not sand until you get to expose the sheet. You have now learned how to install drywall.
add to favorites nike free flyknit nsw pas cher  
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add to favorites Acoustic telephone booth size 1000*1000*2100mm with sound absorbing feature $ 1,200.00
An acoustic telephone booth, telephone kiosk, telephone call box, telephone box or public call box is a small structure furnished with a payphone and designed for a telephone user's convenience.
add to favorites A Privacy Garden Booth Office $ 1,200.00
Nowadays, the way people work is changing, some person who advance in computer and networking technology can work at home. But when he is home, maybe the environment is too noisy, so he need a hush space, there can be huge benefits to working in a privacy booth office set up in the garden. An garden office means... Saving on travel time and costs. Reducing road congestion. Separating ‘Work’ time from ‘Family/Home’ time. Reduced heating bills (you will only need to heat the pod whilst you work, rather than a whole house). Very quiet space – outside noise is minimized. Minimal bureaucracy – unlikely to need Planning Permission or Building Control Approval.
add to favorites Workplace Trend to Nap in the Pod Office $ 1,100.00
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Napping on the job…what was once grounds for getting fired is now being actively encouraged in some offices, many of them techie! In fact, companies such as Google and Zappos are installing napping pods so employees can rest and rejuvenate during the workday. One thought behind this growing trend is that naps actually increase productivity rather than limit it. In many cases, EnergyPods from MetroNaps are the sleeping spaces of choice. And after you check out the range of nap pods in today’s roundup, you just might be inspired to build some nap time into your work schedule in the pod office!
add to favorites Skip Loader Operator Tips $ 12,000.00
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When you get skip loader operator training at a reputable school like ATS, one of the big themes you hear repeated is safety. The rules regarding heavy equipment safety have been developed through sad experience. See if you can imagine what happens if one of these rules is ignored: 3 points of contact at all times when getting on or off pre-trip inspection for loose bolts or icy surfaces use the handrails and steps on the equipment; never jump off face the equipment when getting on or off never get on or off a moving piece of equipment keep cabs clean and uncluttered wear non-slip boots
add to favorites Perfecting the open-plan office $ 1,100.00
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The choice of furniture solutions can be quite overwhelming. However, not all acoustic furniture is made equal. The best designs equip the modern workplace for staff wellbeing and productivity. Today’s open-plan workplace is seen as optimal, having evolved from the traditional, inefficient office layout that used cubicles. And the most modern workplaces follow the agile working trend, providing the choice of different zones for various types of work. With the growing popularity of agile working, more CEOs appreciate that an appealing workplace that supports their workers’ wellbeing, promotes productivity. Key factors to be managed in an open-plan acoustic pods for offices are distracting sounds – usually conversations – and privacy. A survey by Cambridge Sound Management (CSM) showed that nearly 30% of workers are distracted by colleagues’ conversations. For this reason, it’s recommended that separate zones are provided for quiet, focused work and meetings, as well as secluded areas for private phone conversations. New acoustic furniture solutions to equip such workplaces have been developed to satisfy demand – pods of all shapes, enclosed panelled boxes and curved phone booths, to name a few.
add to favorites How to Solve the Office Noise Issue for your staff $ 1,200.00
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There is no doubt that the open-office concept has strong benefits for employees and companies alike. Open office concepts promote communication and idea sharing. They reduce overhead costs and help employees feel like more of a team. However, open offices can also decrease productivity and noise levels are a common complaint. Sometimes those noise distractions can increase stress, fatigue and negatively impact overall performance. Improve office productivity and morale What if you could offer employees a fully enclosed, comfortable, work space that was sound proof and easily accessible from their desk whenever they needed it? Those employees could now alleviate the stresses of noise levels... take phone calls in peace... handle personal matters without taking too much time away from their jobs. Does that sound like something that would be of value in your office? A privacy phone booth is a good choice. Phone Booth brings the following benefits to your office: Privacy: Great sound insulation so your calls are private and you can’t hear office noise Great Acoustics: Echo-free acoustics inside the booth so your calls are effective and the person on the other end isn’t wondering if you’re calling from the parking garage Comfortable: Well-ventilated space, because sitting in a hot, stuffy place would not help your productivity Free Standing Product: Easy to move and reassemble Compact Size: Easy to place – it comes with everything in one neat package Equipment Included: Table top, air ventilation, electric socket and LED lighting