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android can do a lot in the context operations, but the main function is to load and access resources. There are two context in android, one is the application context, one is the activity context, we usually pass between the various classes and methods are activity context. For example, an activity in onCreate: public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {super.onCreate (savedInstanceState); requestWindowFeature (Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE);. getWindow () setFlags (WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN, WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN); setRequestedOrientation (ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT); mGameView = new GameView (this); setContentView (mGameView);} the activity context is passed to the view, means that view has a reference to the activity, and thus plays a reference activity UI resource: view, resource, SensorManager so on. but this memory leak occurs if the context, it would leak a lot of memory, where the leaks mean activity gc no way to reclaim memory (the current Activity is active or not enough time to finish the recovery). Leaking an entire activity is a very easy thing. when the screen rotation, the system will destroy the current activity, save state Doudoune Moncler Femme information and then create a new one. example, we wrote an application that needs to load a lot of pictures, we do not want to rotate the screen every time when they are destroyed this image reloaded. required to achieve this simple idea is to define a static Drawable, so Activity class creates destroy it always saved in memory access speed will be soon. Achieve similar: public class myactivity extends Activity {private static Drawable sBackground; protected void onCreate (Bundle state) {super.onCreate (state); TextView label = new TextView (this); label.setText ("Leaks are bad"); if (sBackground == null) {sBackground = getDrawable (R.drawable.large_bitmap);} label.setBackgroundDrawable (sBackground) ;/ / drawable attached to Moncler K?benhavn a view setContentView (label);}} This program looks simple, but the problem is large. When the screen rotation when there will leak, that gc can not destroy activity we have said, the screen rotation when the system will destroy the current activity. But when the drawable and the associated view, drawable save the view of reference, namely sBackground save a reference label, and the label holds the activity of references. Since drawable can not be destroyed, it references and indirect references can not be destroyed, so that the system is no way to destroy the current activity, thus resulting in a memory leak. gc for this type of memory leaks is powerless. way to Moncler Jacken Damen avoid this is to avoid memory leaks activity any longer than the lifetime of the object activity, avoid references to objects on the activity leads to activity not normally be destroyed same time, we can use the application context application context associated with application of life, regardless of the activity life cycle. application context can be obtained by Context.getApplicationContext or Activity.getApplication methods. Use Application, need to be registered in the AndroidManifest.xml file that android: name = ". GApplication": avoid context-related memory leaks, remember the following: 1. Do not let the long life cycle of an object reference activity context, the object of which is to ensure a reference activity to the activity itself, the life cycle is the same . 2 for a long life cycle objects, you can use the application context (inherited class: public classGApplicationextends Application) 3. possible to use a static class (global), to avoid non-static inner classes to avoid life-cycle issues, pay attention to the inner class object reference to external changes caused by life-cycle
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procedure commands, the Royal mine were sent ten people, ten people have to fly very fast, go Jimingshan pending sent! Zhen Yun is thought ޺ first timeMoncler Danmark, this is a good time to complete the Cuihong Shen wish! Cuihong Shen Zhen Yun watching to make captain, seeing not believe his eyes, but he did not give a shock began Yun ah, Chun Yun how likely it will be such a good thing to give yourself! However, he hesitated only a moment, and immediately took the captain orders, under the leadership of Yun Zhen, go over the house against Ray Ray boat, will exchange Poliphili, there are several junior sister apprentice brought against the dreams are over, and then Yun under shock and casual pick a number pointing to build the base and Lianqi disciples, this last one is Silverstone it! Xiao Hua lazy, quiet room with a puzzled came outside and saw several women against Poliphili repair, there are several other Zhenlei Gong disciples, feel slightly frown, "Well, you wait Yu Lei were dispatched but my first squad, according to the Survey of Procedure of the temple city of command, this squad Yu Lei were numbered from my own hands, but no doubt you were the first Royal Thunder! "shock Yun saw ten people You have a homogeneous, smiled and said, "Naturally, I appoint you do Cuihong Shen Wan Lei Gu captain, going Jimingshan the trip, listening to the message coming from the house of procedure seems to be flying speed very fast, for repair The requirements are not very high, presumably messaging transaction is done, and not too dangerous, so you heard Cuihong Shen and other arrangements, Kuaiqukuaihui. "" Yes, the disciples understand! "In addition to Silverstone and everyone else is said in unison, it is jng God Dousou. See Silverstone not speak, Zhen Yun strange, turned around and said: "!! Silverstone, your brothers ...... But Cui pains along the way to listen Cui captain arrangements In addition, you are not there any questions? '" That ...... shock brothers, requiring fast, I'll wait ...... is not to see what is dangerous, you can escape? "Xiao Hua blinked, whispered. "You ~ ~ ~" Cuihong Shen listened, almost hopping, and his cultivation is not the highest in ten disciples, he was thinking about his own hand by Silverstone to help it, think Silverstone is an opening, such as depression, then said, or the presence of shock Yun say, really made him feel ashamed! Sure enough, two of Zhenlei palace built the base early disciples face is showing a hint of disdain. "Ahem moncler uk..." Zhen Yun is unexpected, almost to cough Tour look around, see next to no others, and lowered his voice track, "Kendo war, has always been tragic! People in which involuntarily, Sometimes even if you want to escape, may not be able to escape! Sometimes, you want to escape but killed early! escape escape is not a problem, the problem is ...... you must keep his xìng life! xìMoncler Jacken;ng only keep his life , Yu Lei Zongdi my child to complete the task
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then be exported, is an inspiration : "? If now say, of course, my heart relaxed dream, can not, after all, what looks, if the future will be to slay the murderer, give her a surprise, not Yoshiya" So, Zhang flowers again shrugged and said: "Do not worry The whole left Hong peaks only you and I really want to Sanctuary Shitai revenge, her old soul in heaven will certainly bless me, let my martial arts leaps and bounds, ah, give me psychic ability, tell me who is the murderer. "" Oh, know it. Moncler Jakke "Dream Perfectionist smile, knowing that Zhang spent to comfort him, only said:" You still get down to the martial arts, I ...... I can only wish that one day you can catch up seats Mu Chun , I'll be satisfied! "" That bum what count, cut ~ How is my opponent? same day if they are afraid to lose face in front of the leader of his excellency, I ...... I would have put his nose broken in! "" Puchi "Dream is not help laughing:" You're able to blow, "" Hee hee, you like like! "Zhang flowers it is" daft "said!. . "Oh, yes," Zhang flowers suddenly thought of something, look around, and whispered: "? Dream, do not you find it strange that" all of a sudden curiosity dream is to be raised, just melancholy swept away: "What is strange?" 'Do not you think it's strange? "" Halo, you do not say how I know what strange? "" Oh, you feel a month ago in Mozambique Organisation utero, we ...... we passed ...... ? it is too relaxed, "" Hee hee, I thought you were talking about! "Dream Yanzui laughed:"! I think you feel good, did not even think about it "" That is, of course, how I have so little self-knowledge, that that was an adult leader hurt you, but then I do not really, what I might have known something different! "" Shhh ... "dream listened, his face also thrown a Moncler Jacken Damen strange look around look, whispered: "I was also secretly asked Chen senior sister apprentice, she was not sure, but, you know, she is the most curious, and later secretly asked where Shitai quiet, listening to Chen senior sister Moncler Pas Cher apprentice The messenger, I know ...... That really is the leader of our adult mercy of "Qi Zhang flowers is a large, low voice:." fast ...... Tell me about it ...... "" Keke "dream about look, cough two, said: "! Alas, a few days of practice this tired panic, this waist pain, shoulder ache, remember that some things are the way" Zhang flowers curled his lip, pulled the dream on a stone bench, accompany laughed: "Oh, Daisy senior sister apprentice turned out to be tired Yeah, it is a small outer previously learned some art of massage, you do not mind if the senior sister apprentice, senior sister apprentice wait a little?" Dream nodded: "I tell you there Allergan effort, ah, you come try it, I think you learn a little more at home! "" That is, of course, a small but