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Created 2015-07-07
Owner zhawjohn
Title I can take it on the chin
Description I was captain for eight years, and I thought now gray, keep the captain's armband. He respected me for it. I know we are going to lift the trophy together. Confused coach Dick said clearly: 'I want to change the title of the world for my life boy finished the game 1-1, and despite the fact that there is confusion in the wake of the match what the repercussions will follow in Despite the media from both Brazil and Bolivia reporting accidents, and the ban was upheld. Relatives place the casket containing the remains of Kevin Beltran Estrada in a car Tito went on to say: 'I'm very sorry about what happened tonight,' We can not talk about football, my players football and I feel the same. We can not utter a word in the locker room. I do not want to be here, what has happened is very serious can talk football. 'Ended the press conference and then sooner, with the football club manager Edu Gaspar echoing the words of his manager later in the emotional interview. ', Said Gaspar. There is no greater pain to the world of how we can help the family at a time like this? We should do all we can. 'When that happens people swearing at us and so we had to get out of the area. We have a return journey will be difficult. There's not much else I can say now only to express our regret. And accompanied by men identified by police as a fan of football for Corinthians interogation after the incident Jos and eacute doctors. Maria Vargas spoke to local media at a hospital in Oruro, explaining how the boy whose name was later known as the San Jose promoter Kevin Beltran, were killed. 'There was a loss of material in the brain, such as the shells' said Vargas. Plastic tube, penetrated the skull. As a result of this, it is instant death. 'San Jose Carlos Saucedo celebrates after scoring against Corinthians during the tragic match England beat Brazil lift the FIFA rankings. Dermot Gallagher supports goal-line technology for football in the Premier League. Dani Alves' Brazil shirt is not the only thing that Walker was on the receiving end of this week. Yesterday, to prepare for the game against Newcastle at lunch, he finally received a call from Goran Popov from West Bromwich Albion, and apologize for the incident, spitting on Sunday.Walker said: of course accepted His apology. Referee took the right action is a red card. People will excuse me for West Bromwich Albion, I apologize for everyone. No place in football, you can not really do that. But it was just the heat of the moment for him. Have to apologize to me, so I can take it on the chin, spitting, taking it on the chin is not such a good idea. But I accept his apology. It is all disarmament and arms disappointing placatory a man admitted that he and Jeremy Kyle show on TV while his planner.But Walker happy to enjoy the small internal bickering of a remarkable series of asylum-related series, is anything but himself.