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Created 2015-07-07
Owner zhawjohn
Title There is also a meeting of the leaders
Description User Why do I have to wait before formal system to you, we have attached: - reward work online to renew point (10 every 5 minutes) - Offline Points renewal Laboratory (5 of 5 minutes) - To increase the maximum number of points laboratory (5000 max) - 10% EXP bonus on all that werden- obtained as a result of fighting or the use of laboratory indicates a 10% discount on all signs of loyalty Marktplatzkäufe- 5 a day, and that allegiance to use the shop land ownership könnt- farm construction and collection of property taxes Häusern- posting auctions at the auction house possible sources of ArcheAge - new area in the preview: The Tanaandschungel in another blog ArcheAge for: Warlords of Draenor goes Blizzard this time on the field one will Tanaandschungel potential en route to the MMO expansion, and, above all, to serve as an impulse to Members from the surface. In a recent blog post on the official website of the developer ArcheAge Blizzard responds to the new area Tanaandschungel. The level of area 90 are Warlords extension of Draenor way to role-playing online game ArcheAge introducing special characters that have been upgraded by the impulse to level 90. In many tribal region sterile Orcs and 90 S and inhabited by new access to explain their skills again for more details. But also for all the other players ArcheAge will not be much to do. In the text, the region as a staging area and a description immediately upon their arrival on Draenor, where it should be to close the dark gate. Tanaan even in primitive dental products. Sting grim Fidel hapless wanderers or hide km deep grooves under the umbrella of it's not even the worst dangers of the forest. Every day more and more segments of the warlords leave the wild Tanaan Roden prying open the door space and time and pave the way to eternal conquest. Players must be disposed of in the region initially hostile ArcheAge completely, and thus get more severe. There is also a meeting of the leaders of the orcs known: Give Grommash Hellscream's Warsong, Kilrogg Deadeye of bleeding hollow clan and Kargath Bladefist from Shattered Hand clan. As allies impostor Gul'dan, and are advertised slave, Khadgar and defender Maraad. With warriors and Frostwolf Ga'nar Draeneiakolythin Yrel two new heroes find their way to the Internet role-playing game ArcheAge. For the first time in Tanaandschungel impact of their research on Draenor first foray is the starting point for many adventures in the future, and likes to be tied at the beginning of your stay and timely action. Do not worry, who was away from everything this place has to offer very brutal. For more information you can extract its official blog function. ArcheAge - two systems for a new game ArcheAge, in addition to the patch 2.3 after the announcement of the many features of patch 2.3 Defenders of Eorzea developer Square Enix team seems to expect more new content.