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Created 2015-04-28
Owner rousutt
Title You start the flashing icon
Description ´╗┐Allowed the resurrection and the clothes will not fade, only Paladin resurrection, if the team did not let him die before Paladin map to give you a resurrection, but be aware that if the output is by nearly two minutes is not enough time, and ink from the scythe of Death comes So, pay attention to the bottom left corner, and see how long you leave the resurrection, if you start the flashing icon, and then eat fast resurrection of the drug, after all, cheaper than the currency of the resurrection. You can also use the dolls resurrection uncle, uncle dolls sold on Taobao, with teachers on the stock exchange, within the last 10 fat uncle before, apparently 0.2 blocks, and before there are many, if such something can buy more attention to the concerns of Taobao for teachers. After Paladin resurrection, and declining interest in Crouch and then going to continue, do not get up, but it quickly became the edge of the green to hit the dead, after the resurrection of the best food in the blood, But beware, for when the body is in a transparent case, blood meal is not true, however, that the body would normally be effective. Choose big black crazy war aid absorbing powerful control capabilities. If you do not run into a dead blood, within 2.3 seconds after the resurrection is the best blood, so do not worry eat blood. <a href=''>DFO Gold</a> Warrior Online Dungeons professional advice roaming eat tyrants body medicine. Figure 3: If you are away from the green when green piece knife enter the name, if bolted directly to the names of the maps for the green part, enter the name of the green earth did not put those skills. You wear green name mix 60 defense. Green name after breaking anti-advised to stand on the right side door, standing on the left is not recommended, because you stand in the right place, if the green is dead, the first time they come in Figure 2, and the discount will depend blood, and some parts tower warrior when the green line will be dead or buckle keeps the blood, which is the reason or reasons that led to the machines on the network, and I do not know, because I had not faced before . But this trick can effectively avoid the above situation. Green name stands after the holidays defense, and waiting for the right position, and the name will be green in his hand a large knife (in a hurry to eat before tyrants body), then waving a piece knife in the end, do not feared this time by crouching, etc. Press Crouch, Crouch spotted 0.5 seconds after the time is to put aid. Aid skills to take advantage of tyrants and the long duration of the skills, such as Shura No moves, and touched against big suction, flashes sword dance skills.