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Created 2017-06-21
Owner adtozhou
Title Problems related to replacement of printer cartridge
Description Design and Build

The official product description refers to the color of the []headphones

as "titanium gray," but, according to our own eyes, it's much closer to black than gray.The back

of the headphones has a metallic color, and the two earbuds are differentiated only by the color of their

eartips – one being green and the other one being red. It would be really handy to have the earbuds

marked with letters, as you see on most other headphones.?You will eventually remember which color stands

for which channel, but it won't be without a few frustrating moments.

One earbud weighs only 0.155 oz., making it pleasantly lightweight and comfortable even when worn for an

extended period of time.?The headphones come with equally snug earhooks, which gently rest upon the inner

part of your ears, providing safety and stability for various sports activities.?Our initial reluctance

to run with the headphones was quickly replaced with a newfound confidence in their ability to stay in

place and not fall down on the ground.

As an IPX7-rated device, the SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth earbuds should be able to survive complete

immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.?This doesn't make them suitable for swimmers, but

it does guarantee that dropping them into a pond of water or using them in heavy rain won't cause any

damage.And that's a great thing because the SmartOmi are fantastic for the gym – a place overflowing

with testosterone-infused sweat.

The headphones are controlled with a convenient side button that can be used to change the volume and put

the headphones into the pairing mode.