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Created 2016-11-25
Owner rsgolecuicui
Title It features that each piece will provide
Description It features that each piece will provide a small experience boost when burning logs, except for the gloves. The [url=]Cheap RS Gold[/url] gloves are separate and are purely cosmetic. That means, they won’t give any xp boost. But in a word, the whole set provides a 2.5% boost.Hood versions of head pieces and black outfit may winBased on the feedback, the official has made some adjustments to the pyromancy outfit, but the head pieces and secondary color have not yet been determined. The three versions of head pieces and secondary color are showed as the picture. So far, the data shows that around 60% of players prefer

the hood version of the head pieces, and that around 70% of players prefer the black Pyromancer's outfit instead of the dark red one. Obviously, the hood get more votes than other head pieces. But many people still insist of the trapper hat, in particular Mod West. As the rules say, only when it’s 2/3 in favour for the hood can a poll be thrown before finalizing it. So we will wait and see.The Pyromancers as well as the pyromancer's outfit is coming this September. Hone your firemaking skills and help the Pyromancers holding back the Wintertodt! And RSgole will be back to you with cheap osrs gold. Have fun!

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