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Category Professionals
Created 2016-11-15
Owner zenmeban
Title cheap runescape 2007 gold with cheap & fast delivery
Description I've fixed a few minor complications with all the new quest. In case you do not currently know having the skin paste now works, and I've just solved the clay shortage situation.

Prince Ali of Al Kharid is getting held captive by the Lady Keli. In the event you think you are up to a daring rescue mission then go to Al Kharid and speak with Chancellor Hassan. That is a long quest with many parts! A great many thanks to Rab for the a number of hours he spent making it, and to Paul for configuring it for use inside the game.

I'd also prefer to apologise for the slow speed of this webpage around the 28th-Feb. This difficulty has now been resolved and we're back to complete speed again. I've also ordered a 2nd devoted server to boost the reliability and speed of RuneScape inside the future.

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