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Created 2016-03-22
Owner FujihdElevator
Title Besides being used in Main nozzle
Description The effect of the [url=]Valve seat[/url] is to make the ring contact the groove and create a seal with its outer bottom side and its inner top side [8]. This type of ring is installed in the second groove in passenger car gasoline and passenger car and truck diesel engfines.

Keystone Ring:

A compression ring with a wedge cross section. With its tapered sides, radial movement of the ring in engine operation will cause the axial clearance in the groove to increase and decrease. This greatly reduces ring sticking, as the ring continuously works its way free of the combustion residues. These rings are designed with an overall side angle of 6° bzw. 15°, the larger angle being more effective against the tendency to coking. The keystone ring is used in the top groove in passenger car and truck diesel engines where ring sticking must be expected.

Half Keystone Ring:

A compression ring with only the top side tapered. Like on the keystone ring, the tapered side (keystone angle 7°) causes the axial clearance to vary as the ring moves radially, and thus reduces ring sticking. Owing to its asymmetrical cross section the ring has a positive twist when installed.

A half keystone ring is used in the top groove of passenger car and truck diesel engines when a rectangular ring is no longer adequate in regard to ring sticking but a keystone ring is not yet warranted. Another application is in 2-stroke gasoline engines, e.g. for snowmobiles and ultralight aircraft.

L-Shaped Compression Ring:

This ring is used mainly in small 2-stroke gasoline engines as a "head land" ring, the vertical arm of the L being flush with the top edge of the piston crown [9]. With gas pressure acting behind the vertical arm, this ring will also seal when in contact with the top side of the piston groove.

Besides being used in [url=]Main nozzle[/url], in some cases it has been installed in automotive diesel engines in order to minimize crevice volume in the combustion chamber .