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Created 2016-03-22
Owner FujihdElevator
Title Why were Elevator Factory
Description More clowning, more singing,
[url=]passenger elevator[/url] did some impressions- big laughs, big yocks from the crowd. And finally- the end- the two sang the song “Pardners” from the previous movie they’d appeared in. The crowd went berserk, applauding, whistling, roaring, standing.

Dean and Jerry wept openly and gave each other a hug. Jackie Gleason jumped up onstage and dramatically said “Folks, this can’t be allowed to happen!” More applause.But Dean and Jerry shook their heads wearily. The two left the stage and entered the elevator together, waving off any other people from joining them. (One wonders what was said on that joint elevator ride to the boys’ suites.)

Jerry reportedly cried hysterically in his dressing room. Dean came in and the two cried in each others arms. Finally, they shook hands and wished each other luck.The general consensus was that Jerry really was devastated by the split, but Dean was actually a bit relieved and anxious to move on to a new, solo phase of his career.

Jerry Lewis would go on to be the most popular comedy movie star of the 1950s and the early 1960s- and, of course, he was to be recognized as the great crusader for muscular dystrophy.And despite “everyone’s predictions” to the contrary, Dean Martin was to go on to make many excellent movies, host a hugely successful TV show, and become a giant star in his own right, finally.

Sadly, there barely exists any footage of the legendary nightclub act of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, relative to how much they performed. Yes, their wonderful films are still there- and they are awesome- but anyone who actually saw Dean and Jerry live say they were one of the funniest stage acts in show business history.

True, Dean and Jerry both had legendary solo careers, but as with the Beatles, “The whole was greater than the sum of it’s parts”.

Why were [url=]Elevator Factory[/url] and Lewis so successful? Well, Jerry Lewis, when asked the secret of their huge success, always gave more or less the same answer: “It was the love we had for each other. You could have given any other two guys the same material and they wouldn’t have made a nickel”.