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Created 2015-11-13
Owner wheelscooterss
Title fifa 16 accounts with coins have been angered
Description Some might speculate that he wasn’t the same after that header because the audibility of the voice that every person, every athlete, every everyman has, got just loud enough to reduce confidence to mere belief. Dancing on the crazy edge of maximizing performance becomes just a bit more difficult. You feet slip and down you go, down the pecking order and to Roma, where you aren’t the same player because you don’t have the same confidence, even if you have the same talent. It’s all different now because there is something eating at you.

Lionel Messi is the greatest player that anyone has ever seen play this game, but even superman has kryptonite: penalty shots. Messi has missed a remarkable number of them for a player who scores goals that make angels sing. He does the impossible so routinely that you wonder what it is about him, facing a single player rather than a phalanx of defenders, a stationary target amid a world of glorious possibilities and angles all created from the whole cloth of genius, that turns him into something ordinary, something human. He can run through 3 defenders, make one of the best defenders in world football fall down then out think one of the best keepers in the game, all in a few seconds.

But he can’t knock a simple shot past a goalkeeper, when all he has to do is run up and hit it. Do penalty shots exist in a walled-off annex in Messi’s brain, a place that isn’t allowed to affect the rest of his craft, the “Uh, oh” that comes only when the world is perfectly still and he is facing the thing that he suddenly can’t face.

His most recent miss, against Athletic Bilbao, was almost majestic in its low quality, like a god deciding he will stumble down the mountain instead of floating, to give the mortals a show. He almost strolled up to it and struck, a medium-hard, low shot that Gorka Iraizoz probably could have just kicked away and then glared, even as he dove, rose to his feet and exulted, enough to show delight but not so much that Messi would have been angered.