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Category Engineers
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Created 2015-11-11
Owner wheelscooterss
Title buy fifa 16 coins we can get behind
Description Serena Williams is 5-foot-10, runs like a gazelle and hits a tennis ball with the speed and authority that would be the envy of many a player. She has agility, improvisational abilities that turn lost points into won ones. She has mental strength, as well. She has, in effect, everything. Every last damn little thing. She is, at her core, unfair.

Lots of people don’t like her, just as lots of people don’t like Bar?a. It’s hard to see from the outside, but it’s for the same reason, really: it’s unfair. You can’t have everything. You can’t have Messi, Suarez, Neymar AND Iniesta, with Xavi coming off the bench. You can’t have the best player in the world at almost every position on your team, then act surprised when that team wins.

You can see how this would be unlikable if you are a neutral, or a supporter of another club.

If Messi had the skills of Messi but looked like Ronaldo, would he be as lovable? That squat dude who looks like the guy who, in high school, would have been the one doing Ronaldo’s homework for him is the best player in the game. Now THAT is an underdog we can get behind. Sport needs an underdog.