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Created 2015-10-21
Owner wheelscooterss
Title cheap fifa 16 accounts fleeting time
Description The world needs an underdog. Tennis embraced Williams during a frail period as she wrestled with injuries and self-doubt, becoming a fragile, tottering giant who gained charm as she slid down the rankings. Crowds cheered for her because for a time, a brief, fleeting time, she was an underdog.

Simple reality is that she was always the best, always the most gifted even if she didn’t always show it. Now that she is showing it, the illusion is stripped away and we see her for what she is: dominant. People will say that they don’t like her looks, think she has an attitude, etc, etc. But the reality is that in part, she’s a pain in the butt because reality sucks. Fantasy needs a chance.

Bar?a came to mind because as with Williams, some culers have a notion that they are cheering for a flawed Colossus, an underdog. Positioning this, and triangles that, and it isn’t exactly right, not winning in the right way, etc. We go nuts when the team wins, It’s wonderful. Reality is that Bar?a winning is like death and taxes, an inevitability that is supplanted these days only by something rather flukish.
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